This week’s release sports some new features, some updates, and a couple of bug fixes – mostly customer initiated.  The highlight is an improved My Trees page, with the ability to sort trees by name, date modified, and tree ID (thanks Emanuela!).

Other goodies this week:

  • New case study (Global Players).
  • Update: You can now always remove yourself as a collaborator if you’re not an Admin.
  • Update: Added IP address to email data sent.
  • Bug fix: Save in Designer no longer  fails when running through a restrictive corporate proxy server.
  • Bug fix: Zingtree Agent Session ID is now hidden for end-users using the new ticket form in Zendesk with the Zingtree Agent Scripting app installed (h/t Emanuela).
  • Update: Traffic visualization report shows clicks to tree nodes (h/t Ben).
  • Bug Fix: Designer properly saves trees even if another tree is opened (h/t Ben and Emanuela).
  • Bug fix: Data entry variable names with hyphens now show in content area.

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