This week’s updates, as always, are all about YOU. Some recent customer requests that we added into Zingtree include:

  • Persistent buttons now can be accessed via keyboard tabbing (Thanks Carl!)
  • Tree nodes now have option to jump to a specific node in new tree (Thanks Oi Yee!)

And some other things that everybody wants:

  • Added some server reliability checks and redundancy. We had a little bit of down time this week, and thanks to Amazon we now have a better system in place to keep traffic away from unhealthy servers.
  • Cleaned up Tools menu colors and button positions. Hopefully this makes more sense, and you all have discovered the goodies in the More Tools menu by now.
  • There are also a few more data integrity checks when using Designer.

Our customers are always smarter than we are, so if you have a suggestion, comment or bug report, tell us here.