While a lot of our discussion here on the blog is focused on Zingtree as a tool for customer support, call centers, and self-help FAQ-style solutions — there’s an unlimited amount of uses for Zingtrees. Today, we’ll talk about using trees as marketing vehicles to better explain your product and engage potential customers.


Clicky Quizzes

If you’ve learned anything from the blatant excessiveness of online click-bait of quizzes, then you’re aware that they are a harmless and popular way to get people’s attention. Try creating a quiz-type formula to attract customers. For example, if you sell a range of products, simply get people to walk through “What ____ Fits You Best”. Using repeating nodes and multiple end-points to your products, you can entice a customer to go from general curiosity to purchasing in a snap!

Service / Product Tutorials

In the same way that you would use Zingtree to guide customers through support issues, you can lead new visitors through your services. By asking potential customers what they might find and experience with your product or service, you are assisting them to make an educated decision about how to spend their money or time… with you!

Feedback For Improvement

Sometimes your current customers are the best way to find out what is and isn’t working with your marketing efforts. By simply creating a multi-choice Zingtree, you can figure out how they heard about you, why they purchased, and general feedback on their experience. We always recommend looking into your Net Promoter Score for a good question template. As a marketing tool, finding your “promoter” strengths allows you to use the positive qualities in future advertising.

Testing Campaigns

Running a full marketing and advertising campaign can be risky when you’re first starting out. Making a tree to find out who responds to what creative and copy is a fantastic litmus test for launching that hilarious banner ad versus the serious commercial spot. Creating a tree to explore your options before you set that million dollar marketing budget shows where customers are likely to get the most out of your efforts.

Fun Overall!

Taking even the silliest subjects and themes to make them interesting and funny in a Zingtree is a great way to engage customers in a different way. It shows off your sense of humor and keeps them clicking through for more. Thanks to the added visual element, incorporating images are an especially helpful way to have fun. For a perfect example, see our Pet Rock Zingtree.

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