Many of our customers have asked for a simple way to include some sort of customer verification via Zingtree.  Using some built-in apps and simple webhooks, we’ve created a mobile phone verification process you can plug into your own decision tree system.

How it Works

This verification decision tree allows the agent to confirm a customer’s mobile phone number. The agent asks the customer for their mobile phone number (if the agent does not have it already), which the agent then enters into the tree. Zingtree will then send a random four-digit code to the number entered.

The customer will read back this four-digit code to the agent, who will enter it back into the tree. If the numbers match, then the agent is able to continue with the call and a successful “return to tree” node is reached to return to the original tree.

The verification tree is designed to be called from a main tree, where the process will continue after the customer is verified.

You can examine the verification decision tree here.

Integrating the Verification Tree into your System

You can easily add this to your own processes. Here’s how:

  1. Copy the verification tree into your own Zingtree Account.
  2. Build your own decision tree, and add a tree node link to the new verification tree you copied in the previous step.
  3. Make a button go to the tree node in step 2, when you want to verify the customer.

This example shows how to integrate the verification process tree. You see how it works, and also copy it to your account.