Imagine the worst-case scenario customer care call: maybe the agent doesn’t know how to respond, they might fail to properly complete security checks, or, perhaps worst of all, they offer the customer incorrect advice. Without the use of scripts, agents run the risk of delivering subpar customer support every time they take a call.  

Most of us can agree that there are several consistent key elements that make up a successful customer interaction:

  1. Effective help is provided.
  2. The problem is solved quickly.
  3. The customer feels like they have been listened to and respected.

But how can you standardize these elements, and make them a part of every interaction? This is where agent scripting comes in. Agent scripting is the most powerful tool out there to ensure that your agents quickly deliver exceptional, consistent support, with every call.


Why Use Scripts

Scripting allows for consistency. Standardizing processes is the best way to ensure that employees are following standard operating procedures and best practices and that customers are ultimately receiving the correct information. A script will mean that your customers get the same response, no matter which agent they are connected to, in addition to ensuring that your key messages, values and goals are expressed in every interaction. This will result in a consistently positive experience for your customers. What’s more, scripts are a powerful tool in making sure that all agents are complying with the specific language or terms required by law. 

As agents follow their scripts, mistakes are reduced. While making mistakes is at times unavoidable, scripts are effective at minimizing the risk of mistakes by keeping agents informed and on the same page. Scripts can prevent agents from going rogue, saying something factually incorrect or expressing a message that goes against your brand values. Plus, scripts take the pressure off the agent, as they know what is coming next. This makes them more likely to feel in control, and less likely to say the wrong thing, press the wrong button, or generally feel stressed to the point that they are prone to making an error. 

With the security of knowing what will come next in the call, agents feel more confident. An agent at ease will put a customer at ease, and make the customer feel like they are being well taken care of. This confidence will make the agent comfortable on the call, and more likely to hit the key elements that make up a good call (provide effective help, solve the problem quickly, listen to the customer).  

Plus, without the need to memorize scripts, or freestyle them, training times are reduced. Scripts are an invaluable tool to augment agent training, allowing agents to learn by doing, rather than spending excessive amounts of time in training sessions. In addition, agent knowledge is enhanced, as all the information they require is at their fingertips thanks to the script. Speeding up the onboarding process reduces costs and relieves trainers more quickly so they can return to other important tasks.

Efficiency and productivity increase, thanks to optimized conversations that make the most of every interaction with a customer. From asking the right question at the right time, to clearing up possible future grievances, a script will quickly guide the agent towards providing the best support possible, and make sure they cover all the most important points. It will also mean that all the possible solutions for the customer are quickly discoverable by the agent. This makes calls shorter, which saves time and money. Furthermore, the best-performing agents can be monitored, and their techniques applied back into the script in order to train new and lower performing agents. As agents perform better, customer satisfaction improves as they receive a higher level of service across the board. 


Scripting Tools

While it’s clear that scripting is crucial in order to run an exceptional contact center, many agent scripting tools simply aren’t up to the job. While there are plenty of options on the market, many scripting tools cannot integrate into your CRM systems and other contact center software. This makes your scripts far less powerful, and creates difficulty for agents as they have to switch between applications and input data multiple times. Additionally, many scripting tools are not interactive, which means that the agent is only offered a rigid set of options to move the call forward, rather than having the script branch out to potential options based on the information collected by the agent. Their systems can also be complex and difficult to use, which wastes time for your agents and your business. Last but not least, many scripting tools even go as far as to set limits for the number of scripts that can be built. This creates further challenges for contact centers that have to deal with a broad range of queries. 

call center scripts

But, There’s a Better Way: Interactive Decision Trees

Agents and customer support reps love Zingtree for interactive agent scripting that is dynamic, easy to use and effective. Zingtree allows agents to stay on message, follow standard operating procedures, and be consistent when resolving issues for their customers as quickly as possible. Zingtree is the preferred tool for the likes of Amazon Ring, August Home, AWS, Change Healthcare, CVS Health, Dropbox, Expensify, Experian, Hilton, Kaiser, Peloton, Ricoh, Ticketmaster and over 700 others.

Zingtree offers as standard: 

  1. Total flexibility in your scripts, with models for every use case. As such, the customer never needs to know that you’re using a script, keeping the interaction authentic and genuine. 
  2. An easy-to-use platform that agents love. With Zingtree, agents no longer need to memorize anything and can focus entirely on the call. Zingtree makes it easy for call center agents to give relevant feedback to script authors, thereby continually improving the quality of information over time. When a call center script has been tested, observed, and approved due to high performance, it can only mean positive things: customers are satisfied, agents are happy and efficient, and brand loyalty goes through the roof.
  3. Effortless set-up and maintenance, with no coding required. Zingtree’s interactive call center scripting software makes it easier to improve and optimize scripts regularly, as standards change, or as things change with the company. With powerful analytics to track performance, reports helping decipher the user’s journey, and ways to easily collect customer feedback every step of the way, it’s far easier than many traditional call center tools to keep things running smoothly.
  4. Seamless integration with the platforms your agents already use. Zingtree integrates directly with any CRM tool (like Zendesk,, Salesforce, and others) to provide a seamless experience for agents and frictionless sharing of collected customer data. It’s incredibly important (and vital to a call center’s performance) to have these types of tools “talk” to each other and be able to share data. For instance, having the ability to integrate Zingtree with a platform like Zendesk allows call center agents to access data about a specific script-based conversation directly within Zendesk.
  5. A cost-effective solution. “For me, the ROI of Zingtree is immediate. Introducing standardized decision tree scripts for insurance has allowed the insurers in my network to really thrive. With scripts for guiding conversations, interactive trees to train new agents, and the reporting that comes along with it, agents are able to provide a better customer experience that’s consistent and informative.” – Ted Baker, Easy Insurance Scripts Founder & CEO
  6. Powerful capabilities to record the customer’s journey. Zingtree makes note-taking easier for customer support and sales calls. When it comes to sales calls, recording the right information can be the difference between a lead and a dead end. A strong script will have areas in which the agent can write pertinent information about the customer. This will prevent agents from asking for something twice, and will remind them to gather information from the customer.

Zingtree’s agent scripting solution standardizes processes and gives team leads the peace of mind in knowing that every single customer interaction follows standard operating procedures, each and every time. No more outdated paper scripts, just fully interactive agent scripts that are easy to build, maintain and analyze on a simple interface, with performance reports that keep managers informed and help guide internal improvements. 

Want to learn more about Zingtree’s powerful interactive call center scripting software? Request your free demo today.