If you want to have a Zingtree ready-to-use inside of Zendesk, we have a Zendesk App for you: The Zingtree Agent Scripting App. This is extremely handy for companies that offer chat or telephone support, as it allows an agent to have a live, standardized script to follow when helping the customer.

The Zingtree Agent Scripting App appears in the right hand panel of Zendesk, like this:


Your agent can read the prompts, and follow the script. The history of the Agent’s interaction is automatically saved. If you click the + icon next to History, you can see the previous steps taken by the agent and customer.

Some handy features:

  • The Zingtree session is attached to the ticket. So if an agent closes a ticket, and opens it again, the Zingtree will reappear in the same state as it was previously, with the history intact. This is also true if another agent opens the ticket.
  • The Back button removes the last item from the History.
  • The Reset button deletes the entire history, and returns to the top of the tree in case you need to start over.

Ready to try it? Read the installation instructions from the Zingtree FAQ.