If you’re a Zendesk user in a Contact Center environment, you’ll want to be using the Zendesk Agent Scripting with Instant Notes app. This makes it easy to guide, train and onboard agents and is a huge productivity booster for everyone.

This article shows the features and benefits of using the Agent Scripting app.  Go here to learn how to install and configure the app.

This short video shows you how Agents interact with this App:

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Overview: Sidebar and Popover views
Instant Notes
Pause and Resume
Benefits of the Zendesk Agent Scripting App
New Features in Version 15
Installing the App

You have the option to show your script directly in the right-hand panel when viewing a ticket, like this:

Or you can use less sidebar space, and make it appear as a button in the right-hand panel:

Trees can be launched from the top bar as well:

Click the top bar button or Open Script, and you’ll see your decision tree in a larger pop-over like this:

Instant Notes

Once the session has ended, you can direct your agents to a “notes” page with a template for Internal Notes to be added to the ticket. Now, instead of agents typing notes from scratch, they can instantly have notes added to the ticket with a single click. These notes can be edited as well.

This is one of our most popular features and a huge time-saver for agents.

Pause and Resume

This happens automatically: If another agent picks up a ticket, they return to the last viewed node and can see each step taken previously by opening the History.


Benefits of the Zendesk Agent Scripting App

  • Standardization: Show a guided path for each ticket, so that Agents follow the proper operating policies or troubleshooting procedures.
  • Instant Notes: Your agents will save tons of time entering ticket notes by starting from a customizable template.
  • Pause and Resume: If a ticket is transferred, the supervisor or new agent is taken to the last place in the script, and can see the history of the previous steps taken.
  • Automatic Script Selection: The Agent Scripting App can choose a script based on the Zendesk brand, Zendesk ticket tags, or the value of a custom field.
  • Agent Feedback: Agents can send feedback directly to the authors of the decision trees with a single button click. Feedback is delivered to each author’s email and includes the tree ID and node number where the feedback was sent from.
  • Zendesk Ticket Data in your Scripts: Values in any custom field, the agent name, customer info, as well as Zendesk ticket tags and user tags, are transferred into your script so you can display them, or use these variables to branch via Logic Nodes.
  • Automatic Ticket Updating: Ticket data like subject, priority, type, status, and comments, as well as tags and custom fields,  can be updated from actions in the script – either via buttons clicked in the script, or from data entry collected.

New Features in Version 15

If  you’re using earlier versions of the Zendesk Agent Scripting app, you may want to upgrade to get these new features:

  • Instant Notes.
  • Launch tickets from the top bar


Installing the App

Go here to learn how to install and configure the Agent Scripting app.


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