Today I got a chance to meet Mikkel Svane, the CEO of Zendesk, face-to-face. We chatted about Zingtree, and how well it fits into the vision of where Zendesk sees its support technologies going.

What struck me most was Zendesk’s emphasis on self-help, which seems counter-intuitive since one of Zendesk’s main strengths is ticket management and routing. On the other hand, Zendesk is really about providing the best solutions for Customer Support, and their aim is to provide a platform upon which other tools (like Zingtree) can make Zendesk even stronger.

Mikkel was even gracious enough to pose for a selfie with me:

Mikkel Svane selfie

Zendesk and Zingtree are both in the San Francisco area, and we’ve been to their offices several times already. We have a few other Apps and Integrations planned for the near future, thanks to their help.