The new year is always a good time to introspect about what you’ve been doing the previous year, and as a company, we’ve taken this time to enhance the core Zingtree experience and make it better. There are a few new features, some bug fixes, and a lot of performance updates.

Here’s what we’ve been up to since our last updates post in December:


  • Update: List boxes can now contain more than 65536 characters
  • Update: Session Detail now can show variable values at each step. Really helpful for debugging logic nodes.
  • Update: Greatly Improved speed of Agent Detail report.
  • Update: All Agent Usage report faster and more accurate, Agent Detail report also sped up.
  • Update: Traffic (Button clicks) report 5x faster, defaults to All Nodes view.
  • Update: Content editor now accepts <picture> tags (Nichol)


  • Update: Added scroll_parent_to_top URL parameter (Paul K.)
  • Update: Email node body copy no longer has 64 Kb limit (Cathy M.)
  • Update: API calls for agent sessions now much faster.


  • Fix: No longer gets “SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate” error in rare webhooks


  • Fix: Boolean data returned from webhook no longer causes a failure.
  • New: Improved Math webhook takes expressions now


  • Fix: Reduced session timeout from 24 hours to 4 hours to improve security.
  • Fix: Updated iFrame embed code for SSO trees to ensure SSO logins occur, login name is registered as agent variable (Jason L.)


  • Fix: JSON export now validates properly – no longer losing last character.


  • Fix: API Log now always logs correct call time.
  • Update: API call tree_sessions now faster.


  • New: Added “List Variables” tool under More Tools (Shawn M.)


  • Fix: Download PDF option fixes a Sarafi issue.


  • Fix: Datepicker data entry field now better automatically chooses proper date format based upon user’s browser settings – no more Chinese in some cases (Lasse)
  • Update: Added Danish as a language option.
  • Update: “Add Another” button in repeating form fields is now in the chosen language in Settings.
  • Update: Persistent buttons no longer wrap prematurely. (Lasse)


  • Fix: Single quotes in button click variables no longer cause JS errors.
  • Fix: Authors who are allowed access to DEV tree but not LIVE tree can now see Settings on Live tree (Paul K.)
  • Fix: Push Live now asks for SSO change – no longer automatically enables SSO for the organization (Paul K.)


  • Update: Can now update text input boxes from hidden fields (single . erases text input boxes)
  • Fix: Duplicate Node now copies all data entry field attributes.
  • Update: Copy node from Overview now shows “this tree” as first option.
  • New: Merge variables can now be sent as query string parameters prefixed by zv_ .


  • Update: Event Log for Emails now flags bounced emails, inserts node where the email was sent from.
  • Update: Task manager uses shorter task IDs (Allie & Heather)
  • Update: Added Task ID to completed tasks list.
  • Update: Killed tasks show empty completion date.
  • New: Added direct link option to link nodes to foil pop-up blockers.


  • Fix: Reset Dates for All Trees – Stats now keeps last report as default.
  • Fix: Restart no longer deletes radio button values, which caused radio buttons not to work after a restart.
  • Update: API throttling now just tracks CPU intensive calls (find_tree_sessions, find_sessions, find_agent_sessions)
  • Update: Event log for emails now adds an error flag for “invalid” emails.



  • Update: Receipts show an invoice number (Tom)
  • Update: LIVE versions can now view options from Settings tool. (Paul K.)
  • Update: Doc node PDF/HTML files no longer have doc node title in output (Nick M.)
  • Update: Restart button now erases form fields (Matt W.)
  • Update: Email node form can now handle variable substitutions for subject, send-to .
  • Update: Zendesk agent scripting app now includes zd_ticket_id as a variable (if shared with Zingtree) (Al V.)
  • Update: Database is allocated more memory to increase performance.



  • Update: Missing multiple required fields just shows one message for all.
  • Fix: Missing required email field now highlighted properly.
  • Fix: Email nodes now also can use #agent# as agent name in sent email. (Jason L.)
  • Update: Agent Feedback form asks for email if a response is requested (Carolyn W.)



  • New: All Trees – Session and Form Data report.
  • New: Reports page separates organization-based and tree-based reports.
  • Update: Consolidated browser/OS/country reports into a  single Demographics report.
  • Fix: quotes in page titles no longer make #taglist# or #pagelist# inserts fail when clicked upon (Matt W.).



  • Fix: Newlines in form data no longer cause errors in task manager (Nicolas B.)



  • Update: Added “copy History to Clipboard” button to History area (Dr. William)



  • Fix: Copy to clipboard option in nodes now retains line breaks from formatting (Jason L.)



  • New: Download HTML File option for document nodes (Caesar)
  • Update: Document nodes now allow variables for comparison (Kelsye)



  • Fix: Document nodes now use custom CSS in output for PDFs (Jennifer C.)
  • Fix: Document nodes in subtrees now pull proper nodes from the subtree, not the main tree (Kelsye)



  • Fix: Returning to the previous tree no longer fails when live copy got pushed (Jason L.)