A new release of Zingtree went live today! The main benefit is that companies using Zingtree for internal use (like call centers or live agent scripts) now have an option to add and delete agents, have agents log in and get access to scripts, and track each agent’s use of Zingtree. We’ve also made it easier to create and manage multiple organizations on your account.

More details:

  • There are now separate account pages for user, organization and agents.
  • The My Trees page lets you show just trees belonging to a particular organization (if you have more than one).
  • Adding a New organization is now done from Organizations page, not create tree or edit tree settings.
  • Organizations can be renamed.
  • Agent management if you’re using Zingtree to host Agent scripts.  You can add, bulk add, edit, and delete agents.
  • When an agent logs in with their login/password, they are taken to a specific Agent login area.

If you have additional suggestions for Zingtree improvements as a call center or internal company usage, please let us know. Come find us on Twitter or drop us a line in our awesome LinkedIn Group.