Effective organizations know that personalization is absolutely key to achieving customer success. There are plenty of right and wrong ways to handle a customer interaction. However, choosing the “correct” personalized response to a customer query or problem is almost impossible without context and customer history. Whether the customer needs a problem to be solved or is looking for a new product recommendation, the “next best action” for that customer changes constantly based on a multitude of factors. 


What is Next Best Action?

Next Best Action (“NBA”) is a customer-centric approach that attempts to identify what the next best step is for a customer during a sales or customer support interaction. It is built upon the premise that by gathering information about individual customers, and applying models of other customer interactions, it is easier to determine how best to serve that customer. By tailoring the offer or solution provided to the customer, the quality of that customer contact can be improved significantly, compared to a standardized “one-size-fits-all” solution. 

Not only is NBA about working smarter and more efficiently, it translates to real customer wins as customers know that their individual preferences or unique situation have been taken into account. It’s about shifting towards delivering a positive customer experience that can lead to increased customer loyalty, business profits, and competitive advantage. 


How Zingtree Can Help You Determine the Next Best Action

Zingtree is the ultimate tool for helping your customer support agents and sales reps determine the Next Best Action for a customer. It can also help a customer discover it for themselves. Zingtree helps your organization to:

  1. Recommend next best actions.  Zingtree helps its users simplify complex scenarios, guiding them through an interactive series of decisions that lead to the next best action, based on their specific situation. 
  2. Understand context. What is happening with this customer? What were their last interactions with your organization? Zingtree integrates with your CRM so that you have all the context you need about the customer’s history, and your decision tree will adapt to act accordingly. 
  3. Consider all the available options. While moving through the decision tree, the customer or support agent will input information that is specific to their case, guided by simple questions. The tree will then use this information to select the perfect NBA for the customer, whether that’s a troubleshooting solution, a product recommendation, or perhaps a personalized offer.
  4. Record and pass on relevant information to other agents during escalation. If a problem can’t be solved, the customer or support agent’s path through the decision tree is recorded, and can be instantly turned into a note that can be passed on to another support agent. Zingtree is easily integrated with email, chat, and all major CRM and Help Desk systems.
  5. Analyze the outcome of each customer interaction. Zingtree analytics give you valuable insight into how your troubleshooters or agent scripts are being used. This is a great way to keep product teams informed by exposing trouble spots and empowering you to improve your product or service.   


Get Started with Zingtree

By working towards providing the Next Best Action to customers, your organization can foster stronger customer relationships by offering personalized responses to customer queries, increase productivity by taking the decision making out of the hands of the customer or support agent, and ensure that your organization is complying with best practices.

It couldn’t be easier to get started with Zingtree and to join the NBA movement. Try Zingtree for free today and find out how you can see a 20% reduction in your support costs by providing your customers with the next steps they’re looking for, all with no coding required!