Here’s the official launch announcement for Zingtree:


Embedded troubleshooters reduce support inquiries by 25%;
Targets include Support Teams, Call Centers and IT Departments

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Zingtree today announced the immediate availability of its online solution for creating and deploying Q&A style interactive decision trees and troubleshooters. The company reports that initial adopters of the service have reduced the volume of support-related inquiries by an average of 25%, as customers of Zingtree’s clients are able to self-solve common problems and technical issues.

“Zingtree started as the direct result of observing the inefficiencies of the technical support process in other companies that I have led over the past decade or so,” said Bill Dettering, Zingtree Founder and CEO. “Fast and intelligent support is vital to any company, and we were inspired to create a unique system that anyone could use to build and deploy time saving troubleshooters.”

While originally developed as means for resolving the repetition in customer support tickets and time consuming back-and-forth between support reps and customers, interactive decision trees and troubleshooters built with Zingtree benefit more than just customer service teams. Current clients have seen these benefits:

Customer Support Teams show decreased incoming inquiries by an average of 25% and automate the resolution of common issues in offering their customers efficient self-help. In addition, help tickets submitted via email or Zendesk show the questions and answers of each customer’s Zingtree session.
Product Teams have gained deeper understanding about user interactions with their product and/or service.
Sales and Marketing Teams are better qualifying incoming leads by streamlining the new client discovery process.

At the core of Zingtree’s service is the ability for organizations to quickly and easily create decision trees and troubleshooters (Zingtrees) that are presented to customers in an intuitive question-and-answer format. Key features include:

  • Simple drag-and-drop interface for building decision trees and troubleshooters
  • Full customization, including the ability to use custom CSS, change fonts, add images and videos, update copy and include snippets of HTML
  • Zingtrees can be embedded into any webpage with just four lines of Javascript code
  • Full transcripts of every customer’s journey through a Zingtree
  • Easy integration with almost any customer support or CRM system that uses email
  • Zendesk integration via the Zingtree Zendesk app
  • Detailed analytics and insights on Zingtree outcomes, traffic, location breakdowns and more

Zingtree is priced on a pay-as-you-go credit basis, where each page view of a live troubleshooter counts as one credit. The first thousand page views are offered for free, and plans for organizations that need more than a thousand page views that begin at just $49 USD. Zingtrees can also be submitted to the Zingtree Gallery, where educational and GPL use is free forever.

For more information and to sign up for free, please visit

About Zingtree

Zingtree was developed to empower companies to give their customers a quick, efficient and intelligent way of getting answers quickly. By providing an easy, yet powerful way for companies to create, refine and embed interactive decision trees and troubleshooters, Zingtree’s services are at the heart of any company-to-consumer interaction. Originally designed to streamline customer support funnels, Zingtree’s clients also include product teams seeking to gain deeper insight into the user behavior, sales and marketing teams looking to qualify leads, call centers, and more. Zingtree is privately held and headquartered in San Francisco, California.